Welcome to Seniors Staying Home.

I started this website to help seniors stay in their home longer. Assisted living facilities are expensive and can financially drain a family. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are numerous products and services than help you “age in place” (that’s the industry term for staying in your home longer).

I have years of experience working with companies that provide these products and services. This website has become a hobby of mine and I hope it helps you and your family in some way.

A note to some of the manufactures of senior living products – please don’t contact me with your ideas. I’m retired and don’t wish to endorse or promote your product, so please don’t try to contact me. I get several emails each month from someone trying to get me to promote an idea or product. That’s not why I started this website.

Retirement has been great. It has enabled me to learn new things and help more people. If you’re reading this website, I hope you’re retired too and enjoying your Golden Years.